THE WITCH AND HER SOUL (English Edition) por Christine Middleton

THE WITCH AND HER SOUL (English Edition) por Christine Middleton

Titulo del libro: THE WITCH AND HER SOUL (English Edition)

Autor: Christine Middleton

Número de páginas: 320 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: December 14, 2012


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Christine Middleton con THE WITCH AND HER SOUL (English Edition)

In an age of violent religious political upheaval, of ransacked monasteries, decapitated queens and gun powder plots, who could feel safe? How much more precarious and uncertain is life for the illegitimate daughter of a great noble. This is Jane’s story, the story of a lively, passionate, poetic girl, who is keenly aware of being at the mercy of a fickle and inconstant fortune, as well as the competing claims of religion. From childhood in a Catholic hall, where illegal priests are sheltered, she is forced to marry into a turbulent, recusant family, to a husband much addicted to treasonable plots. She is drawn to sympathy, and more, towards their outlaw guests, who live under the threat of a hideous execution. But as religious persecution merges with witchhunt, it is Jane herself, along with lifelong friend, Alice Nutter, who is dragged into the vortex of accusation and imprisonment. Finally both women face capital charges in the great Lancashire Witch Trial of 1612.